Welcome to our Christmas Letter 2008!  Surprised to hear from us after several years of silence at this
time of year?  Suffice it to say that our first few years in Washington were difficult.  [Mark's job at Amazon
was a nightmare, our new home had no reliable source of heat, our road washed away in a November flood,
the entire area (all of the Eastside of Seattle) went without electricity for a week during one of the coldest
snaps on record,the 'temperate' description of Seattle is a lie!, etc.]  Adjusting took some time.  However, life
has a way of balancing out, and we are now ready to greet our friends and our world with bright eyes and
bushy tails.
       Instead of going into a long description of each of our lives, we decided to give you a break this year,
and allow you the leisure of determing exactly who you are interested in reading about.  If you want the full
overview in brief, stay with this page.  I'll give you a rundown below.
       If, however, you really are more interested in one or two of us, please feel free to skip this page, and use
the navigation bars to link to the page(s) you want to read.
       Okay.  If you're still reading this page, you must want the quick overview of the entire Hahn family.  
Here goes:
       Mark is consulting at Microsoft currently.  He is on his second or third project for Micrsoft, after
completing a year-plus at Washington Mutual (WaMu).  (Yes, the biggest bank ever to have failed.  Yes,
specifically in the mortgage-backed securities area.  No, Mark was not part of its failure; as those of you who
are technically-inclined know well, Mark is one of the best and most capable computer geeks out there!)
       He also continues to help coach Brady's Lacrosse team, though he has given up -- temporarily, at least --
playing himself.  I finally convinced him to help me get some outdoor exposure by walking, and we try to
walk 3-5 times a week.  Our route is local, although we have had some memorable sidetrips (like a 20+-mile
hike up and around --and around-- our mountain without a map...never again without a map!), and I will try
to get some photos to add to this, showing just how fabulous 'local' can be in our area!
       Mark and Vicki are advisors to the middle school Robotics Club, and both are Docents at the Issaquah
Salmon Hatchery, giving tours of the hatchery to school and other groups during the spawning season.  
       Vicki continues to be terrified of getting a 'real' job, so continues to be the queen of volunteerism.
       Ted moved out!  He is living with several friends in a six-bedroom home in the north part of Seattle.  He
is working full-time as a Technical Systems Engineer (is that right, Ted?) for Isislon, a manufacturer of
large-scale storage arrays.  If you speak Geek, you know that that means they make large computer storage
systems.  If you don't speak Geek, you've just learned your first words!
       For those who are confused, and think Ted should still be in college, you're right, he should!  But nearly
two years ago, Ted decided to take some time away from school and decide what he really wants to be when he
grows up.  He's still deciding, but has grown up tremendously in the process!  He is living on his own, has a
responsible, professional position, is saving his money, giving whole-heartedly to his community in so very
many ways, and having fun throughout!  I am so very proud of him.
       Callie is having a great time in high school.  She is a junior, taking mostly Honors/AP classes. I would
love to see more attention paid to her studies, but what mother wouldn't?  She is involved in Junior
Statesmen of America (who knew?), as well as Drama and Lacrosse.  She is the Props Mistress for her school's
plays, and is a goalie for two different Lacrosse teams.  Our local regular-season team is comprised of girls
from three of our school district's high schools, and she also plays on an off-season team, the Seattle Rainz.  
       Currently (I think!), Callie is looking into studying film, of all things.  She doesn't necessarily want to
make films, but perhaps teach film as literature, at the college level.  Given the way she practically memorizes
every film she sees, and analyses each one in ways one never knew were possible, that might be a good bet.  If
anyone knows of a great school that would help her achieve that end, please let us know!  
       Brady had knee surgery over the summer, due to an injury he suffered last Spring in Lacrosse. He, too, is
a goalie, and played for three different teams last year.  He travelled to San Diego and a few other places
with one team last year, and one of his teams took both the local Battle of Bothell (a big tournament where
teams come in from Oregon as well as Washington, possibly some from British Columbia, too), and the
Washington Games, a state-wide tournament held in conjunction with a State sports initiative.  Brady's been
sidelined since summer, and currently is in rehab for his knee.  He is planning to be in shape before the start of
regular-season practices in March.  
       Brady also is involved in his school's Robotics Club, and is a Sound Tech, working on his school's
morning TV news broadcast.  He was just elected to the National Junior Honor Society, and spends WAY
TOO MUCH TIME playing games on his computer.  (Where do our kids get this?!?)
       Visit our other links to find out more about what we've seen, done and plan.  Visit US, when you get a
       Have a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever holiday you celebrate at this festive time of year.  
May the coming year bring all that you need, and may your wants be few.  Please know that we are thinking
of you with joy and gratitude for all that you mean and have meant in our lives.  We love you!
Mark, Vicki, Ted, Callie & Brady
Brady on
the bridge
over the
River, just
at the end of
our yard.

Mark &
Vicki at a
on (or on
the way
to) Mt.