Neil Patrick Harris. Riding a Unicorn It's been a very eventful year for me. I've switched jobs twice, and moved out of my parent's house. In March, I left my job at Erado Solutions to join Isilon Systems as a Technical Support Representative. In June, several friends and I moved in together to a small house in north seattle, closer to my current job. And in September, I was promoted at Isilon to a Technical Support Engineer; I've been very happy with the new Position.

Ted and Callie at PAX 2008 In terms of home life, it's been interesting. Life at the Hahn house is always eventful, but moving in with friends has been the more intersting challenge: you never really know someone till you live with them. It's had it's ups and downs, and been an adventure all the way. My Big event of the year was, as the last two years, PAX, a yearly gaming convention I volunteer at. It went beautifully, and I'm already looking forward to next year.

Merry Christmas, With Love,

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