Hey all! It’s been a busy year. After
spending last year visiting with the Hahns
young and young-at-heart during the
Christmas holiday, it’s nice to know I don’t
have to sit in a car for 18 hours this year. As
much as I love you all, car trips and I don’t
mix very well.   
Lacrosse is a huge part of my life. After injuring
myself preseason, I was out for a month of
lacrosse in March. I spent most of it taking
pictures for the website (and my Facebook page).
My new lacrosse team, ISD Women’s Lacrosse
(which my mom spent so much time setting up for
all us girls), played some really great games and
we’re aiming for two teams this year (JV and
Varsity).  I am also playing on a select off-season
team, Seattle Rainz with a few of my ISD
teammates and plenty of girls I’ve played against
during the season.
I also spend my time backstage in my school’s drama department.
Last spring I acted as prop mistress and general techie during
Mary Zimmerman’s The Odyssey. It was the last play performed
at our old school, due to construction. This December we had a
wonderful run of Roger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. I expanded
my role to prop mistress and spotlight operator. We had a great
cast and a very good attendance. The real treat this time was that
we got to use our sister/rival school’s theater, which is much nicer
than our own (as ours was built in the 1960’s), since our own
school's stage is being emptied out in preparation. The students
and teachers were as helpful as we could have hoped for them to be
and the play went amazingly.
School is starting to get interesting (finally) this year with the rebuilding of my school and Junior year classes. Issaquah
School District is finally rebuilding our high school, with some interesting changes on the way. Half of the teachers have
switched to an upper campus made of portable classrooms, and the whole school is adjusting to having half of our school
cordoned off by a chain-link fence. While all of this is going on, Senior year, SATs and college applications are looming over
the heads of me and my classmates.
I am eagerly awaiting the coming year, as I am gerring ready to go to London on a school trip over spring break. I am
spending a week in London with some of my classmates, including a day trip to Paris by way of the Chunnel. Along with
sightseeing, we will be taking advantage of the wonderful theater scene in London and going to see
The Lion King and We
Will Rock You
. I am also looking forward to all the challenges senior year will bring (and getting out of junior year is a